Killer Cubs! 3 Day At Home Workout Routine

This year more than ever has shown us that we need to be adaptable. It’s been difficult to get to the gyms, especially for those who are in colder climates during the winter season. It’s important to establish routine and there’s no easier way to do that than starting small with a 3-day workout from your home.  With this routine we'd recommend taking a rest day (day you don't workout) after every workout day.

 There are plenty of household items that you can use to assist in body weight exercises and a few items around the house to increase resistance/weight.  Feel free to use soup cans, water jugs, bags with books, or any other weighted household item for this routine.

 Killer Cubs focuses on a basic routine that hits all major muscle groups.  Just like a cub if you master the basics in your own domain you’ll be out tackling antelope in the wild in no time!  Sign up for our newsletter, we’ll be releasing more progressively challenging workouts over time.

We've got some easy to follow infographics attached to the bottom of the blog to help illustrate how to perform the exercises.

Day 1

 This is push day. We will primarily focus on the chest, triceps, and shoulders.

 Circuit 1: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Pushup x 10
  • Tricep Dips x 15
  • Shrugs x 20

 Pushup: You can do a pushup from your knees if a regular pushup is too difficult to begin with, you can elevate your feet on a couch or stairs if you’d like to increase the challenge. Keep your body straight and your hands just outside your pecks.

 Tricep Dips: Place your butt on a chair and your feet flat on the ground. Walk your feet out and place your hands on either side of your butt. Move your butt off the chair with your hands behind you. Lower and raise up for a dip.

 Shrugs: You can grab soup cans, gallon water jugs, or any other household item for this. Simply shrug your shoulders up to your ears and down.

 Circuit 2: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Floor DB Press x 8
  • Front Raises x 12
  • Skull Crushers x 8

 Floor DB Press: Water jugs will do! Lay flat on your back with the feet flat and knees bent. Bring the jugs down to your sides like a normal press and back up to the middle together. 

 Front Raises: Grab soup cans and raise them directly in front of you stopping at chest height. Bring them back down.

 Skull Crushers: This exercise is best done on an ottoman, you can doing lying flat on the floor if you don’t have any furniture that will work. Lie with your back flat and your head just on the edge. Hold the soup cans straight over your head. Bend just at the elbows and move them back towards your head for a triceps exercise. Bring them back to starting position.

Day 2

 This is leg day. This all lower-body!

 Circuit 1: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Walking Lunges x 6 each
  • Hip Lifts x 12
  • Squat x 8

 Walking Lunges: You can hold soup cans/water jugs/anything that adds weight. Continuously lunge and walk around your house alternating which leg is in front. 

 Hip Lifts: Lay flat on your back with feet flat and knees bent. Push your hips up with your shoulders staying down on the floor. Lower to ground and do again.

 Squat: Squat to a chair to make sure you keep good form when starting out. You can even do a one-second sit and stand up. 

 Circuit 2: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Calf Raises x 20
  • Marching Hip Lift x 12 total
  • Step Up x 8 each

 Calf Raises: Hold your household items for weight and simply raise up on your tippy toes and back down for one calf raise.  

 Marching Hip Lift: Get to the top of a hip lift position and raise your right leg up keeping the bend at the knee and bring down. Then your left to mimic the marching.

 Step Up: Stairs are great or a sturdy chair/box. You will simply step up and step-down alternating which leg pushes up. You can add weight to increase the challenge.

Day 3

 Pull day! We will focus on back, biceps, and rear delts.

 Circuit 1: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Bicep Curl x 6 each
  • DB Row x 6 Each
  • Towel Row x 6

 Bicep Curl: You can hold soup cans/water jugs/bags with books in them/anything that adds weight. Curl the weight from your sides to your shoulders and back down with your palms facing out.

 DB Row: Hold a water jug and place the opposite hand on a chair. Back flat and knees bent you will bring the jug from hanging towards the ground to your hip while bending at the elbow.  

 Towel Row: Grab a hand towel and wrap it around something sturdy. Bring your feet towards what the towel is wrapped around and lean back with your body straight. While holding either end of the towel pull your body up and lower back.   

Circuit 2: Follow the 1-3 sequence till completion then repeat once.

Total sets: 2

  • Hammer Curl x 20
  • Prone T-Raise x 12 total
  • Reverse Fly x 8 each

 Hammer Curl: This variation of the curl has your palms facing inward towards each other rather than outward.

 Prone T-Raise: Lay on your stomach with your arms straight out in a T position. Your head should be down and raise your arms on either side of you a few inches up and lower back.  

 Reverse Fly: Grab soup cans or similar and have a slight bend in your knees. Lower your chest so you’re leaning forward and pushing your butt back. Bring bring the weight to chest height on either side of you almost like a T-position and back down.


You made it! By splitting it into three days and isolating your workouts you will get MAXIMUM BENEFITS. With some consistency you will start to see your results!  Keep your protein intake up during this program, aim for approximately 1g per pound of your desired bodyweight.  Sign up for our newsletter, we’ll be adding harder workouts and going over some nutritional science in the coming months.


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Apex Fitness Apparel Killer Cubs Workout
Apex Fitness Apparel Killer Cubs Workout


  • Effective workouts in under 15 minutes! I add this into my daily workout for that extra push. You should make YouTube videos as well but not necessary as instructions and pictures make it clear

  • Hey Lowell, this looks like a good routine for me as I try getting back to normal from my injury. The explanations and pictures are really helpful! Thanks!! 💪

    Raymond Samson
  • Hi Lowell, looks like a great work out, will give it a try

    Susan Breen

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